D. Rowe's Events

If Its Happening in Columbia MO

… from time to time, it’s happening here at D. Rowe’s. Pretty much every weekend, we offer live music on Friday or Saturday night (or both) in the bar starting around 8:30 or 9:00. It’s never too loud – well, the music’s not, butsometimes the bar crowd gets pretty rowdy.

Upcoming Events

    • NORM RUEBLING BAND: May 31st & June 1st

    • BRUCE POE BAND: June 8th



But, honestly, while we like hosting stuff like this, special events are the exception – not the rule – around here. Most of our regulars would rather just enjoy the food and each other’s conversation, so we abide.

Please, though, if you’re a buddy of our next guest, come and join us.